Put SupAbsorb Tech Products to Work for Your Business

Manage Drips & Spills Masterfully with SupAbsorb Tech Industrial Floor Mats

Designed to help you maintain a cleaner, safer, workplace and protect the environment, SupAbsorb Tech industrial floor mats have you covered. Affordably-priced and designed to the highest levels of safety and compliance standards for use in a broad array of industries. Being experts in fabric technology, SupAbsorb Tech offers a range of thoughtfully-designed solutions form managing messes.

Put SupAbsorb Tech Products to Work for Your Business!

Anti Slip Mats

GripSorb Adhesive Floor Mats - SupAbsorb Tech

StickyBack Adhesive Floor Mats

…offer a more affordable, easy-care solution to costly rental mats. Strong enough to adhere to a variety of surface in the toughest conditions, StickyBack mats retain more liquid than competing runners, including water and oil-based fluids. Environmentally-friendly and ADA-compliant, they are ideal for entrances, walkways, and high-traffic areas. StickyBack mats feature a leak-proof backing that prevents seepage, keeping your floors safe.

Oil and Water Absorbing Mats

SupAbsorb Tech Spill Matting

…absorbs water and oil-based fluids simultaneously. A versatile solution, they camouflage dirt, ensuring safety in high-traffic areas while safeguarding your floors against damage with an impermeable non-skid backing. Roll these commercial floor mats onto walkways, or cut-to-size around workstations for fast slip and trip-resistant coverage.

Oil and Water Absorbing Mats - SupAbsorb Tech Spill Matting
SupAbsorb Tech RagRug Oil Mats

SupAbsorb Tech RagRug Oil Mats

…are eco-friendly and economical. Made from 90% recycled materials, they keep floors clean, dry, and safe. Absorbing oil and water-based fluids, non-aggressive chemicals and antifreeze these amazing mats can contain fluids spills indoors and out, camouflaging dirt and grime in high-traffic areas.

Oil Only Absorbing Mats

SupAbsorb Tech Rail Road Mat Oil Spill Mats

…are a favorite in the railroad and automotive industries, helping mitigate the environmental and cleanup fallout of large oil spills. Rail Road Mat absorbs large chemical and petroleum spills with ease. Compatible with use indoors and out, they also facilitate the evaporation of rainwater, allowing for continued use. If large chemical and oil spill cleanup is a constant headache in your operation, this is one cleanup tool you’ll want in your lineup.

SupAbsorb Tech Rail Road Mat Oil Spill Mats - Oil Only Absorbing Mats

Water Only Absorbing Mats

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American-Made & Green

Our products are sourced and made in America. Contributing to American jobs and the environment, our high-quality industrial mats are made from low-carbon, recycled materials in our Bensalem, PA facility.

Manufacturer-Direct Pricing & Bulk Discounts

Buy direct from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman. Enjoy bulk pricing on large orders, and 1-day shipping direct to your door. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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