We had an interesting call from a potential client a while back. This client was a small mechanic shop with some less-than-new equipment, and they were struggling to stay on top of shop cleanliness. Even basic maintenance checks left them with oil drops on the shop floor, and eventually, they’d had enough.

“And what type of mat are you using?” We asked, expecting them to describe one of the commercial floor mats suited to automotive workers. Perhaps this client was simply using the wrong approach. “Mat?” They were confused. “We’re using Special Kitty Natural Clay.”

Their approach was worse than we thought. Kitty litter and plain drip pans were common mess control solutions for years, but they’re considered old-hat these days. We encouraged this client – and future clients who came to us with similar issues – to think a little bigger.

What Are Absorbent Floor Mats?

Absorbent floor mats are a cutting-edge solution to an age-old problem.

Machinery leaks. There’s no getting around it. It doesn’t matter if the machinery is in a production factory, automotive facility, or even a railroad car – if the equipment relies on oils, coolants, or lubricants to run, those liquids will inevitably find their way out of the system and onto the production floor.

This is a clear slip and fall risk for workers in the area, and understandably, companies have come up with all sorts of inventive solutions to get around the issue (such as our cat litter friend).

But among these solutions, absorbent floor mats are one of the easiest to deploy and maintain over time. These mats are designed to capture and absorb messes, including many of the frustrating oil- and petroleum-based messes that give companies grief. Rather than simply soaking up the liquid as chemical rags and granular absorbents do, an oil absorbent mat is specifically formulated to trap and hold messes until the mat is disposed of.

Absorbent Floor Mats Boost Safety and Efficiency

There are obvious worker safety risks with recurring spills, but even with a careful team, oil drips are a huge nuisance. Who has time to run back to a piece of machinery three times a day and mop up a leaky mess?

Absorbent mats for industrial areas offer a low-maintenance way to stay on top of these issues. The mats trap and hold messes while providing an anti slip surface for the surrounding area. Anti slip mats for wet areas aren’t a new approach, but companies need to make sure that the mat they choose suits their company’s needs. SupAbsorb Tech Oil absorbent manufacturers produce a number of industrial mats, each tailored to a different application:

  • Adhesive grip mats
  • Rug-based oil mats
  • Rail road mats
  • Spill barrier mats

While each oil mat style helps manage stubborn messes, these different options illustrate that oil mats aren’t some one-size-fits-all solution; they’re a strategic product that keeps workers safe and reduces time wasted on cleaning.

Work Smarter With Industrial Absorbent Mats

Absorbent floor mats control messes better than any other solution on the market, offering benefits that granular cleaners and traditional rubber mats can’t match. They’re a powerful way to control messes that render most other solutions obsolete – and when companies get a chance to see their effectiveness for themselves, there’s no going back.