Spill Matting W/ Barrier


SupAbsorb Tech’s Spill Matting can absorb multiple (oil and water-based) fluids simultaneously, preventing damage to floors with an impermeable non-skid backing. Roll these oil absorbent rolls straight out onto walkways, or cut-to-size around workstations for fast slip and trip-resistant coverage. Perfect for camouflaging dirt and ensuring safety in high-traffic areas.

Note: 1 Yard samples are available at no cost to registered businesses. Please contact us at support@supabsorbtech.com if you would like a sample.
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Spill Matting: General Purpose Protection

Soak up leaks and over-spray, preventing slippery situations quickly and easily with SupAbsorb Tech’s Spill Matting. Roll-out around workstations, in walkways, and across high-traffic areas, ensuring the slip and trip-resistant coverage you need with our heavy-duty, absorbent rugs.

Main Features

    • It is very versatile as the grey absorbents take in water-based, petroleum-based and non-aggressive chemical fluids
    • Ideal for general maintenance needs
    • Great for high traffic areas and creates a safe nice look
    • A 3 Mil Barrier backing totally eliminates leaks on smooth surfaces prevents slip and tripping hazards


Maximum Durability

Our industrial rugs provide a durable, non-slip, leak-proof barrier against oil and water-based spills, absorbing multiple fluid types simultaneously. SupAbsorb Tech’s Spill Matting is constructed for maximum durability, featuring a unique, needle-punch, zigzag stitching. Its exclusive, dimpled pattern speeds up the wicking of liquid into the mat for faster, easier cleanup. The fine-fiber construction of our moisture-wicking Spill Mats won’t leave liquids or lint behind absorbing up to 25-gallons of fluid.



Our Spill Matting is perfect for high-traffic areas, standing up to heavy foot, forklift, and vehicular traffic. With a dark grey design, they camouflage dirt better than standard black mats, allowing rolls to remain in service longer. Providing a safe, clean look, they eliminate unsightly foot and tire tracks, preventing damage to floors with an impermeable, 3-mil non-skid backing that prevents liquids from seeping through to the floor below.


Sustainable & Safe

Designed to resist tearing, curling, and buckling, SupAbsorb Tech ‘s Spill Matting safeguards against slip and trip hazards on smooth surfaces. As leaks are absorbed, the dark grey matting masks spills and grime, maximizing use. Simply ring-out after use for fuels blending, or incinerate to reduce waste.


Add heavy-duty protection anywhere you need it in a flash. Buy SupAbsorb Tech Spill Matting now.

Absorbency Capacity : 25 gal (US)
Absorbency Factor : 8 gl/gs
Absorbency Weight : Medium
Country of Origin : USA
Class : Universal
Durability : Maximum Durability (28 lbs +)
Number of Plies : 1
Color : Black
Environmental Resistance Features : Fire-Resistant
Material : Polypropylene/ Polyester
Non-Woven Material Technology : Needle-Punched
Type : Mats and Rugs


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