When shopping for an anti-slip mat, it’s important to realize that not all mats are created equal. Sure, there are anti-slip mats at the local superstore, but those are typically low-quality. When it comes to workplace safety, trust only a “true” anti-slip mat.

What is “True” Anti-Slip?

Many mats claim to be anti-slip. For most, that simply means that they have a rubber backing so they don’t slide around on the floor, but that only treats the symptom, not the problem. Floors get slippery when they’re coated with grease, water, and oil. For a true anti-slip solution, an anti-slip floor mat also needs to be absorbent to contain spills and leaks and prevent the problem altogether.

Types of True Anti-Slip Mats

Every workplace is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all option that will work for everyone. That’s why there are generally three styles of commercial floor mats to choose from.

  • General Purpose – these are the standard non-slip floormats that can be seen in most restaurants and workplaces. They have an absorbent top with a rubber barrier underneath to prevent the mat from slipping and to prevent substances from leaking onto the floor or into the ground below.
  • Adhesive Backed – for those who need the ultimate in anti-skid floor mats, choose one with an adhesive back. These mats stick to just about any surface to provide unparalleled traction even in the slipperiest of work environments. Just like with the general purpose mats, it’s important to choose a mat that can also absorb and contain spills.
  • Ultra-Absorbent – the best way to prevent slipping is to prevent oil, grease, and water from spreading in the first place. Heavy machinery such as trucks, trains, and manufacturing equipment are known to leak oil and grease occasionally. Placing an absorbent mat underneath of equipment is a great way to prevent messy spills before they even happen. For larger worksites, check out the Track Mat. It comes in long rolls that can cover even the largest surface areas.

The Purpose of Anti-Slip Mats

Of course, the main reason for equipping a workplace with anti-slip mats is to provide employees and visitors with traction on potentially slippery surfaces. Over 25 percent of nonfatal workplace injuries are due to slips, trips, or falls. True anti-slip floor mats provide both traction and spill/leak containment. If slippery substances can seep past the floor mat, is the workplace really any safer?

Anyone who has changed their car’s oil in the driveway knows that oil and grease can permanently stain most surfaces. Anti-slip floor mats will also prevent harmful substances from damaging floors, keeping them in pristine condition and preventing potential environmental harm. Plus, in high-traffic areas, foot traffic can do just as much harm to the floor as a nasty oil spill. An anti-slip mat can protect your floors from standard wear and tear over time.

True Anti-Slip Mats from SupAbsorb Tech

Anti-slip commercial floormats should not only provide traction but also contain spills. Containing spills is the only way to ensure that harmful, slippery substances don’t spread to other unprotected areas of the workplace or seep into the ground, which can be harmful to the environment.

For the best in true anti-slip mats, trust the experts at SubAbsorb Tech, and “Never Slip on a Spill Again!”