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Struggling to keep up with cleaning demands of your facility? SupAbsorb Tech understands your business’s needs. Our thoughtfully-designed super-absorbent mats safeguard the environment while making your workplace safer and easier to maintain. Whether you need a truckload of oil-absorbing mats for your large industrial operation, a pallet for your small automotive facility, or simply want to try a few of our amazing products, SupAbsorb Tech has you covered.

The Amazing Mats

Safeguard your workplace and the environment.Low-carbon, Up to 90% recycled absorbent mats at a shockingly affordable price.

Why SupAbsorb Tech

Experts in Fabric Technology

Highest Standards of Safety and Compliance

Serving Broad Array of Industries

100% Made in USA

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  • Green Manufacturing

    We reduce the carbon footprint by using recycled materials. Our oil absorbing floor mats help you safeguard your staff and the environment, reducing the carbon footprint of your railroad, automotive, manufacturing, industrial, supermarket, or restaurant business.

  • Affordable Pricing

    SupAbsorb Tech absorbent rolls and spill mats are affordably priced, durable, and long-lasting, soaking up large volumes of fluids efficiently. No more costly, messy clay sorbent and chemical cleanup. No more of the cleanup and expense of pricey rental rugs.

  • Superior American-Made Quality - SupAbsorb Tech

    Superior American-Made Quality

    We produce our super absorbent mats entirely in the USA. Made in our local Bensalem facility, our oil absorbing mats are made from locally-sourced, quality materials. We take pride in contributing to the American economy and American jobs.

  • One Stop Shop

    Cut out the middle man, buying manufacturer direct from our Bensalem facility. We offer a wide range of absorbent products with fast shipping, competitively priced to meet your business’ unique needs.

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Our Products are Used In

Supermarkets - SupAbsorb Tech


Keep entryway and stock floor rooms clean and dry, reducing unsightly and dangerous track marks with SupAbsorb Tech runners.

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Industrial Use - SupAbsorb Tech


Our super-absorbent floor and spill mats are compatible with a range of industries, absorbing a variety of water, petroleum-based, and non-aggressive chemicals.

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Rail Road - SupAbsorb Tech

Rail Road

Large petroleum spills in railroad and automotive refueling and maintenance yards are no match for our super absorbent mats.

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