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StickyBack Anti-Slip Absorbent Mats (W-280)

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Ditch costly rental mats for a better solution. StickyBack™ repositionable adhesive mats are strong enough to adhere in even the toughest conditions on a variety of surfaces. These environmentally-friendly fluid and oil absorbent mats retain more liquid than competing runners, keeping your floors safe with a leak-proof backing that prevents seepage. ADA-compliant, they are ideal for entrances, walkways, and high-traffic areas.


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  • SupAbsorb Tech StickyBack

    SupAbsorbTech StickyBack repositionable adhesive mats stick firmly to a variety of floor surfaces and other table or workstation surfaces, yet allow for easy, clean removal. Suitable for even the harshest conditions, they are built to last, absorbing more liquids than competing runners, with a leak-proof backing that prevents liquids from seeping through to the floor.

    Main Features

    • Adhesive mat stays in place supporting foot and fork lift traffic
    • Can be cut to size and configured to follow traffic patterns at entrance/ production area/ storage area
    • Ideal for ramps, drink stations, toilets, transition of floor surfaces and fork lift areas
    • Semi-permanent adhesive adheres to, and removes from, floors with ease

    Prevents Accidents

    Extremely durable, StickyBack mats are built for the heavy traffic of shop entrances and walkways, and can even withstand the repeated abuse of forklift traffic. ADA-compliant for wheelchairs/walkers, it is the thinnest commercial floor mat on the market, and won’t slide or bunch, preventing slips, trips, and falls.

    Versatile & Absorbent

    StickyBack can handle any water, petroleum, or chemical-based, non-aggressive fluid, quickly absorbing water, oils, solvents, coolants, and more to keep your floor safe and dry.

    Safeguard the Environment

    StickyBack mats protect human health and the environment, reducing chemical spread and exposure. Eco-friendly and durable, it is made from recycled materials, helping you protect the environment while lowering your carbon footprint.

    Durable & Low Maintenance

    Fast drying and easy to clean, sweep, vacuum, mop, brush, or wet-vac your runner for continued use, replacing costly rental mats with a more affordable, functional option.

    Don’t Pay Retail

    Buy StickyBack direct from the manufacturer and save. Order now! 

  • Absorbency Capacity : 21 gal (US)
    Absorbency Factor : 8 gl/gs
    Absorbency Weight : Medium
    Country of Origin : USA
    Class : Universal
    Durability : Maximum Durability (28 lbs +)
    Color : Grey
    Environmental Resistance Features : Skid-Resistant
    Material : Recycled Polyester
    Material Texture Features : Needle-Punched-Adhesive Backing
    Non-Woven Material Technology : Needle-Punched
    Type : Adhesive Mat