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StickyBack Anti-Slip Absorbent Mats | Buy in BULK

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SKU AK-1750-Pallet

Ditch costly rental mats for a better solution. StickyBack™ repositionable adhesive mats are strong enough to adhere in even the toughest conditions on a variety of surfaces. These environmentally-friendly fluid and oil absorbent mats retain more liquid than competing runners, keeping your floors safe with a leak-proof backing that prevents seepage. ADA-compliant, they are ideal for entrances, walkways, and high-traffic areas.


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  • StickyBack Adhesive Mats From SupAbsorb Tech

    StickyBack Adhesive Mats from SupAbsorb Tech are super-absorbent mats used to collect liquids in a wide range of areas where unwanted fluid leaks happen. They're made to stick firmly to just about any floor or workstation surface, yet can easily be removed when needed. Available in 32-40 roll pallets of various sizes, you can first test them by buying a sample here.

    StickyBack Mats' Unmatched Performance

    These mats are designed for the harshest conditions and can easily stand up to high volume foot traffic areas including areas heavily used by forklifts and other heavy equipment. They are thinner and yet more absorbent than competing floor runners. Some of their main benefits include:

    • Built-in, semi-permanent adhesive sticks to and easily removes from just about any floor surface.
    • ADA-compliant for use in areas where wheelchairs or walkers might be used. Once laid, they won't slip, slide or bunch up, thus preventing potential slip or trip accidents.
    • Ideal for ramps, drink stations, toilets, transition of floor surfaces and fork lift areas
    • Semi-permanent adhesive adheres to, and removes from, floors with ease
    • Can be cut to size to be configured for specific areas or traffic routes.

    Versatile, Absorbent Accident Prevention

    These commercial floor mats are the thinnest yet most absorbent commercial mats on the market. Many of our clients buy them in bulk because of the discount savings we offer and because there are so many applications businesses find for them. Buying in bulk is especially advantageous because we offer direct-factory-to-customer discounts, cutting out the middleman and saving money for the end-user.

    These StickyBack mats can handle absorption of all kinds of non-aggressive liquids including:

    • Water
    • Oils
    • Solvent
    • Coolants
    • Other petroleum-based and chemical-based fluids

    Some areas where these mats are ideally suited include entryways, ramps, areas around drinking stations or water fountains, toilet areas beneath urinals, in forklift areas, or anywhere that forklifts, mechanical equipment, or other machinery are being operated.

    StickyBack Mats are easily cleaned for continued use and may be swept, mopped, brushed, vacuumed, or cleaned with a wet vac. These durable mats are manufactured primarily from recycled materials, making them eco-friendly, helping reduce carbon production into the environment. They help reduce the spread of dangerous chemicals by efficiently collecting them for safe disposal. They also protect businesses stay protected from the liability of slip and fall accidents within their premises.

    Buy in Bulk and Save in Three Ways

    Once they're put into use, StickyBack Spill Mats are found to have so many uses that our customers soon want more. Save your floors using these spill-capture mats, save the environment by capturing harmful fluids before they contaminate the ground, and save money by buying in bulk, factory direct. Call us at 215 244 2589 for any questions or to find out if this will be a suitable solution for your space!

    Don’t Pay Retail

    Buy StickyBack direct from the manufacturer and save. Order now!

  • Absorbency Capacity : 21 gal (US)
    Absorbency Factor : 8 gl/gs
    Absorbency Weight : Medium
    Country of Origin : USA
    Class : Universal
    Durability : Maximum Durability (28 lbs +)
    Color : Grey
    Environmental Resistance Features : Skid-Resistant
    Material : Recycled Polyester
    Material Texture Features : Needle-Punched-Adhesive Backing
    Non-Woven Material Technology : Needle-Punched
    Type : Adhesive Mat