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Rag Rug Industrial Absorbent Mats (W-278)

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$5.00 - $319.14
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Eco-Friendly and economical, RagRug oil mats are made from 90% recycled materials. Keep the floors of your workplace clean, dry, and safe from oil and water-based fluids, including non-aggressive chemicals and antifreeze. Our revolutionary oil drip mats will contain fluids spills indoors and out, helping you camouflage dirt and grime in high-traffic areas.


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  • Rag Rug: The Ideal Solution for High-Traffic Area Applications

    SupAbsorb Tech Rag Rug matting is the perfect solution for soaking up spills in high traffic area applications. From foot-traffic to forklifts, Rag Rug rolls last, providing a safe, slip-resistant, absorbent surface perfect for industrial, maintenance, and repair environments.

    Main Features

    • Due to its heavy weight, it is ideal for continuous leaks and larger spills
    • It provides a good footing, masks dirt and absorbs spills for an economical cost

    Multi-Functional Absorbency

    Rag rug can quickly and easily absorb up to 55-gallons of oil, water, and solvent-based liquids alone or in combination. Thick and durable, its dark surface can camouflage both fluid spills and everyday grunge without looking dirty. Put Rag Rug to use for continuous leaks or large spills indoors or out.

    Revolutionary Design

    Rag Rug combines the best features of a laminated roll. With a top-layer of durable, spun-bond polypropylene that eliminates lint, an absorbent layer of high-loft cellulose fibers, and low-slip base layer, Rag Rug is revolutionary. Thoughtfully-designed, it provides sure-footing, masks dirt, and sops up big messes quickly and easily, including problematic antifreeze.


    SupAbsorb Tech Rag Rug is an effective, affordable way to help your business meet OSHA requirements for providing clean, dry, safe floors in the workplace. Its perforated design offers the best value for absorbing oil and water-based fluids and antifreeze, helping your business reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals.


    Lower your carbon footprint, protect the environment, and support sustainability initiatives with Rag Rug. Eco-friendly and sustainable, SupAbsorb Tech Rag Rug matting is made from 90% recycled materials, including 100% polypropylene reprocessed post-industrial textile waste.

    Big spill? Clean it up quickly and safely with Rag Rug today.

  • Absorbency Capacity : 55 gal (US)
    Absorbency Factor : 9 gl/gs
    Absorbency Weight : Heavy
    Country of Origin : USA
    Class : Universal
    Durability : Moderate Durability (less than 15 lbs)
    Number of Plies : 1
    Color : Mix / Gray
    Environmental Resistance Features : Fire-Resistant
    Material : Cellulosic, Polyester, Polypropylene
    Non-Woven Material Technology : Needle-Punched
    Type : Mats and Rugs