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About Us

The SupAbsorb products are manufactured by AKAS, a textile manufacturing and design company with over 100 years of experience in design, engineering, raw materials sourcing and fabrication. Our expertise in fibers, LEAN manufacturing, quality control, change management and supply chain, and our focus on sustainability have made us a global leader in Made in the USA fabrics that are safe for the environment, and for end users.

We design and produce high-performance fabrics and Sorbents imagined by entrepreneurs and industry giants alike. We also create our own fabrics and have engineered some of the top brands for the Sorbent Industry, absorbency, food safety, organics, athletic performance, protection and more. These are stocked as roll goods available for applications in a wide range of industries including apparel, automotive, food, furniture, industrial, healthcare, hospitality and the military and also Sorbents for the Oil Industry.

Made from the best raw materials and fibers available, our textiles have gone up in space with U.S. astronauts, they’ve been part of the Winter Olympics torch, and they are used in gear for America’s armed forces. They perform every day throughout the world, and they meet mil spec, food-safe, flame retardant and other U.S. certifications, the most exacting in the world.

We are one of the few textile manufacturers that both sources raw materials in the USA, and partners exclusively with American mills for production. That’s because when we came to the USA, we brought along a mission: to put American mills back to work, and to return pride and global leadership to this country’s textiles industry. In eighteen years, we’ve added more than 650 jobs to the trade, and increased production at our mills from two to four days a week.

A closely held enterprise, our commitment to quality and customer service is very personal. It’s one of the reasons our business has grown by double digits every year since 2007.