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BSM Barrier Spill Absorbent Mats | Buy in BULK

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$1,960.00 - $10,000.00
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SupAbsorb Tech’s Spill Matting can absorb multiple (oil and water-based) fluids simultaneously, preventing damage to floors with an impermeable non-skid backing. Roll these oil absorbent rolls straight out onto walkways, or cut-to-size around workstations for fast slip and trip-resistant coverage. Perfect for camouflaging dirt and ensuring safety in high-traffic areas.


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  • Rail Road Track Oil Absorbent Mats from SupAbsorb Tech

    Our SupAbsorb Tech Rail Road Track Oil Absorbent Mats are designed as the perfect barrier against oil and other petroleum-based liquids and non-aggressive chemical spills. Initially created specifically as an aid for the railroad industry, they've also become a must-have tool in and around mines, in construction, and in the automotive industry for use in garages and vehicle service centers.

    Multiple Sizes Allow For Max Coverage

    These 3-ply, 80'-long rolls are available in three different widths: 19”, 29” and 58”. They're ideal for use in train refueling stations, ready stations, and for use when greasing the rails. The 59” width mats fit perfectly between the rails, while the 19” width mats fit outside the rails, providing complete coverage. These mats are made to absorb petroleum products while still allowing any water collected to evaporate. They also work equally well in both indoor and outdoor environments, making them a favorite for use in the automobile industry, both in parts yards and repair facilities. Try out a sample here.

    Strong, Impermeable Protection

    Our Rail Road Mats are able to easily and quickly absorb large petroleum spills, up to 39 gallons per roll, because of their revolutionary design. This includes:

    • An extremely durable top layer that's UV resistant for outdoor use. This consists of a black, needle-punched polypropylene geotextile fabric.
    • A center layer made from super-absorbent melt-blown polypropylene, giving these mats the ability to trap oil but allowing any water to evaporate.
    • A super-strong polypropylene bottom layer, impermeable to liquids, preventing them from leaking into the ground, with a slip-resistant backing that helps eliminate slip and trip hazards when placed on smooth surfaces.
    • This unique 3-ply construction handles petroleum-based and non-aggressive chemical fluids quickly and with ease.

    Economic and Eco-Friendly

    Because these SupAbsorb Tech Rail Road Track Mats are made to be so heavy-duty, less material is able to handle heavy spills with no problem. They provide an affordable, efficient way of keeping employees and the environment safe from the negative effects of exposure to petroleum-based products or other harmful chemicals.

    Leak and Spill Containment in Mining and Construction

    Our SupAbsorb Tech Absorbent Rail Road Track Mats have been found to be useful in other areas where maximum spill and leak containment are needed. Two places where these Rail Road Track Mats have found favor are in and around

    1. Mining operations, and

    2. Building construction sites.

    Spills and leaks are common wherever machinery is being operated and these two areas pose harm to both workers and the environment if these spills and leaks are allowed to occur unmitigated. Look into our first-time customer discounts and order your mats today.

    Bulk Buying Options to Stay Prepared for Large Spills

    Many of our clients have found that the need these mats fill is so important that they always want them on hand to handle emergency situations where large spills require immediate attention. One way to cover this contingency is to buy in bulk so that they have stocks in reserve. Bulk buying can be done factory-direct. Call us at 215 244 2589 for more details.

    Don’t Pay Retail

    Buy Rail Road Mats direct from the manufacturer and save. Order now!

  • Absorbency Capacity : 25 gal (US)
    Absorbency Factor : 8 gl/gs
    Absorbency Weight : Medium
    Country of Origin : USA
    Class : Universal
    Durability : Maximum Durability (28 lbs +)
    Number of Plies : 1
    Color : Black
    Environmental Resistance Features : Fire-Resistant
    Material : Polypropylene/ Polyester
    Non-Woven Material Technology : Needle-Punched
    Type : Mats and Rugs