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Ultra Heavy Duty Oil Absorbent Barrier Mats | Buy in BULK

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The perfect barrier for large petroleum spills, Rail Road oil spill absorbent mats are ideal for use in railroad and automotive applications. Indoors or out, these mats can manage large petroleum and chemical fluids spills with ease while facilitating the evaporation of rainwater, allowing for continued use. If you’re frequently mitigating the environmental effects of large oil spills, this oil spill mat is a tool you want in your arsenal.


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  • Rail Road Mats: Maximum Coverage for Large Petroleum Spills

    SupAbsorb Tech Rail Road Mats offer protection against high-volume petroleum spills. Favored in railroad maintenance yards, garage and service centers, they can be used indoors or out, reducing the environmental effects and cleaning necessary with mitigating large spills.

    Strong, Impermeable Petroleum Protection

    SupAbsorb Tech's Rail Road Mats manage petroleum and non-aggressive chemical fluids quickly and easily, featuring an extremely versatile, 3-ply construction:

    • A tough, needle-punched black polypropylene geotextile top-fabric with UV protection for outdoor use.
    • A highly-absorbent melt-blown polypropylene center that traps oil but allows rainwater to evaporate for continued usage.
    • A super-strong, impermeable polypropylene bottom sheet that prevents liquids from leaching into the ground, with a non-slip backing to prevent slip and trip hazards on smooth surfaces.
    • Strong, Impermeable Petroleum Protection. SupAbsorb Tech's Rail Road Mats manage petroleum and non-aggressive chemical fluids quickly and easily, featuring an extremely versatile, 3-ply construction.

    Multiple Sizes for Maximum Coverage

    SupAbsorb Tech railroad track rugs are ideal for train refueling and ready-stations, as well as when greasing the rails. Our wider 58-inch train Rail Road mats fit seamlessly between rails, while narrow 19-inch mats slide fit perfectly outside, ensuring maximum coverage. The ability to absorb petroleum products while allowing water to evaporate also makes them a favored addition tool in the automotive industry, from repair shops to parts yards.

    Economical and Environmentally Friendly Railroad Mats

    The heavy-duty design of SupAbsorb Tech Rail Road Mats allows you to use less material while still managing continuous leaks and larger spills. Absorbing up to 39 gallons per roll, they provide an affordable and effective means of safeguarding your employees and the environment from the adverse effects of exposure to petroleum products.

    Contain Spills and Protect the Environment in Mining

    In addition to mitigating the effects of oil spills common in the railroad and automotive industries, SupAbsorb Tech Mats are ideal for spills and leaks found in and around mining sites. Pollution caused by mining operations is a big public relations problem and can be extremely harmful to our delicate environment. Using SupAbsorb Tech mats to mitigate the most common mining site spills, hydraulic fluid leaks and spills from machinery and vehicles can help avoid the contamination of waterways, blockages of drains and the disruption of aquatic plants and animal growth and reproduction.

    Make Your Construction Sites Safer and Avoid Liability

    Plenty of contaminating leaks and spills occur at construction sites, including oil and diesel leaks, hazardous chemicals, solvents, and paint spills. These can cause slip and fall accidents as well as dangerous contamination to people, animals, and the ecosystem. Use of SupAbsorb Tech mats to contain these leaks and spills is a great way to protect the environment and protect your company from potential liability charges.

    Don’t sweat sizable spills. Buy SupAbsorb Tech's Rail Road Mats today.


  • Absorbency Capacity : 39 gal (US)
    Absorbency Factor : 9 gl/gs
    Absorbency Weight : Heavy
    Country of Origin : US -
    Class : Universal
    Durability : Maximum Durability (28 lbs +)
    Number of Plies : 3
    Color : Black/White
    Environmental Resistance Features : UV-Resistant
    Material : Recycled(partial) Polypropylene
    Material Texture Features : Dimpled, Non-Linting
    Non-Woven Material Technology : SMN (Spunbond- Meltblown-Needle-Punched)
    Type : Mats and Rugs