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Rag Rugs Can Make Your Business a Better, Safer Place

Rag Rugs Can Make Your Business a Better, Safer Place

How do you keep the floors of a workplace clean? Rag Rugs. They’re highly absorbent and made from recycled materials. Not only are you buying an eco-friendly product, but the use of recycled materials keeps the cost down while masking dirt and grime. Best of all, Rag Rugs make your company a safer place where employees focus on their work instead of worrying about getting injured. 

Our revolutionary Rag Rugs’ top layer is durable, spun-bond polypropylene, eliminating lint. They have a layer of absorbent, high-loft cellulose fibers with a low-slip base. Rag Rugs are well-designed, provide employees and customers with sure-footing, hide dirt, and soak up large oil and water-based spills easily and quickly. 

A SupAbsorb Rag Rug is so porous it can quickly absorb up to 55 gallons of water, oil, and solvent-based liquids. They’re made of 90% recycled material. Instead of going to a landfill, these fibers are perfect for helping those in maintenance, industrial, and repair environments stay on their feet, not end up on the floor. 

Why should your company invest in our Rag Rugs? 

1. Safety

One of the primary reasons you should spend money to maintain clean floors is the safety of your employees and everyone else who visits your business. Slips and falls are among the most common workplace accidents, leading to injuries that can range from minor bruises to severe fractures and traumatic brain injuries. They result in pain and suffering for the person affected and can lead to increased absenteeism, reduced productivity, and potential legal liabilities for your business. 

Clean floors reduce the risk of accidents by eliminating hazards such as the wet or slippery conditions Rag Rugs prevent. Regular cleaning and maintenance also help create a safer work environment, demonstrating your commitment to employee well-being.

2. Legal Compliance 

Maintaining a clean and safe floor is not just good practice - it's a legal requirement. Regulatory bodies like the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and similar state agencies have guidelines and standards to ensure workplace safety. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines, legal actions, and damage to your company's reputation. 

By keeping floors clean and adhering to safety standards, you can avoid issues with government safety officials, personal injury claims by non-employees falling on the floor, workers’ compensation claims by injured employees, and the insurance rate increases that come with them. 

3. Brand Reputation 

Your reputation is a valuable asset that can significantly impact your success. A workplace with well-maintained floors sends a positive message about the organization's commitment to professionalism, care for its employees, and attention to detail. 

Conversely, a reputation tarnished by avoidable accidents and injuries can lead to negative publicity, poor worker morale, and increased employee turnover. Cleanliness is an investment in maintaining a positive image inside and outside your company. 

4. Increased Productivity 

An unexpected slip or fall can result in injuries and a ripple effect on overall productivity. The injured employee may be out for days or weeks. Their absence can affect your overall productivity. Employees who witness or experience such incidents may become more cautious, reducing efficiency. 

Keeping floors clean and hazard-free creates a conducive environment for employees to focus on their work without distractions or concerns about safety. This contributes to higher productivity levels and a more positive work atmosphere. Isn’t that what you want? 

SupAbsorb Tech is Here to Help  

If you have any questions about our company or its Rag Rugs or want to learn more about how they can help make your workplace a better, safer place, call us at (732) 390-5970 or complete our online contact form today. 
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