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SupAbsorb Mats Help You Control Large Petroleum Spills

SupAbsorb Mats Help You Control Large Petroleum Spills

Large petroleum spills at your company can become a massive mess in more ways than one. You can limit the damage and get your people back to work faster if you have our Rail Road Track Oil Absorbent Mats

What Problems May I Face If There’s a Large Petroleum Spill? 

Depending on what’s spilled, the petroleum product may be flammable and produce toxic fumes, especially if a large amount spills in a small area. The problem could be life or death for your business and employees. 

There’s also concern about environmental damage if the material soaks into the ground or enters storm drains. If you don’t contain the situation correctly and your state environmental agency gets involved, you may face thousands of dollars in fines.  

The time it takes to clean up a spill reduces your productivity as those who should be accomplishing other tasks need to stop to clean up the area. Your employees could also be harmed by fumes or injured by slipping on the liquid and falling onto the floor. 

Who Can Use Rail Road Track Oil Absorbent Mats? 

Countless businesses work with petroleum products, possibly including yours. Any organization that handles petroleum products will find our mats helpful. Suitable applications include: 

  • Railroads: Ideal for deployment along the tracks, providing comprehensive spill protection and maintenance ease.
  • Refineries: Protects grounds and surfaces where petroleum is processed and handled.  
  • Home Heating Oil Providers: Essential for containing spills during storage and distribution, ensuring residential areas remain safe and clean. 
  • Vehicle Repair Shops: Utilize these mats to absorb oil leaks and spills during vehicle maintenance and repairs, maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Oil Well Operations: Crucial for managing spills and leaks on-site, especially in drilling and extraction areas.
  • Pipeline Construction and Maintenance Companies: Ensures the integrity and cleanliness of pipeline surroundings by effectively absorbing leaks and spills.
  • Shipping Ports and Dockyards: Can be used around areas where ships are loaded and unloaded to contain any oil spills from the vessels or the machinery used on the docks.
  • Military Bases and Equipment Storage: Ideal for use around military vehicles and equipment to manage leaks and spills, maintaining cleanliness and reducing environmental impact.
  • Aviation Fuel Handling Areas: Useful in airports or airfields, particularly around fuel storage and aircraft maintenance zones to absorb any petroleum spills.
  • Mining Sites: Can be deployed around machinery and vehicles to absorb oil leaks, protecting the ground and reducing the risk of slip hazards.
  • Agricultural Facilities: Useful under farm equipment and in storage areas to prevent soil contamination from oil leaks.
  • Chemical Plants: Can be applied in areas where oil-based products are used or stored to enhance safety and environmental protection.
  • Emergency Spill Response Teams: Essential for quick deployment in the event of an oil spill in various environments, from urban areas to natural landscapes.
  • Energy Production Sites: Including wind and solar farms where transformers and other equipment may leak oil.
  • Marinas and Boatyards: For containing spills in water-sensitive environments, helping to protect aquatic ecosystems.
  • Logistics and Freight Hubs: Useful in warehouses and loading docks where oil spills from vehicles or machinery could pose risks.
  • Gas Stations: Essential for managing spills and leaks at service stations, enhancing safety for employees and customers alike. 

Why Should Our Company Buy Rail Road Track Oil Absorbent Mats? 

Whether you work indoors or outdoors, our mats can help you manage, control, and contain large petroleum and chemical fluid spills while facilitating water evaporation, allowing for continued use. If dealing with the environmental effects of large oil spills is a regular part of your work, our oil spill mat is the right tool for the job. 

SupAbsorb Tech's Rail Road Mats will help you manage petroleum and non-aggressive chemical fluid leaks or spills easily and quickly, thanks to its 3-ply construction: 

  • The top fabric is a durable, needle-punched black polypropylene geotextile. 
  • Thanks to its built-in UV protection, these mats can be used outdoors. 
  • The absorbent melt-blown polypropylene middle traps oil while allowing rainwater to evaporate, allowing you to continue to use the mat. 
  • The strong, impermeable polypropylene bottom sheet prevents liquids from leaking into or onto the ground. Its non-slip backing prevents slips and trips on floors. 

The Rail Road Mats come in 58-inch widths to fit between rails along with 19-inch and 29-inch widths to fit perfectly outside, ensuring maximum coverage. 

SupAbsorb Tech Can Help You Control Large Petroleum Leaks and Spills  

Family-owned SupAbsorb Tech makes high-end, technical textiles in the US. They meet customers’ needs for a safe and efficient workplace where falls and other injuries are prevented, not just the topic at safety meetings.   

Contact us today through our online contact form to learn more about our Rail Road Track Oil Absorbent Mats, or call us at (732) 390-5970. 

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