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StickyBack Mats – Neither You Nor the Mat Slips

StickyBack Mats – Neither You Nor the Mat Slips

The point of safety mats is to keep people safe and the area clean. Mats that don’t grip onto the floor pose a hazard that our StickyBack mats address. While other mats may slip on the floor, ours hold on but can be easily pulled up and moved to another area. These durable, long-lasting mats work great on industrial floors and in commercial spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. You can use them in high-traffic areas wherever hazards occur, whether those hazards are oils, chemicals, water, or bodily fluids. 

Mats for Commercial and Industrial Users 

SupAbsorb Tech StickyBack adhesive mats firmly stick to floors and other workstation surfaces, but you can easily remove and clean them. These mats: 

  • Have a semi-permanent adhesive that sticks to surfaces but can be easily removed  
  • Withstand the harshest conditions 
  • Are thin but endure high-volume foot traffic and use by heavy equipment like forklifts 
  • Are built to last 
  • Can absorb water, oils, solvents, coolants, petroleum- and chemical-based fluids in greater amounts than competing products 
  • Have a leak-proof backing preventing liquids from leaking through to the floor 
  • Are ADA-compliant because they won’t slide, slip, or bunch up, so they’re safe for wheelchair or walker users  
  • Can be cut to size and fit a uniquely shaped production or storage area or common paths of foot traffic 
  • Are ideal for toilets, drink stations, and ramps. StickyBack mats are also a good transition between floor surfaces  
  • Can be swept, brushed, mopped, vacuumed, or cleaned with a wet vac 
  • Are made in the USA

StickyBack mats are primarily made of recycled materials, so they’re eco-friendly, and help reduce carbon production into the environment.  

Floor Safety Mats for Healthcare Providers 

StickyBack Leakproof Surgical mats can keep floors clean and sanitary by absorbing spilled fluids, such as blood, urine, and saline. These mats can be used in any healthcare facility, surgical center, veterinary practice, scrub sinks, and labs. They can be applied to floors and easily removed. These mats will remain flat and not tear. 

These surgical mats absorb fluids faster than paper, fabric, or paper towels, so they’re the most sanitary way for operating room cleanup. They also reduce cross-contamination. A mat 31 by 40 inches can absorb three liters of fluid. StickyBack surgical mats are 31 inches wide and have perforations every 20 inches in length and 15 inches in width, so you can customize their size to meet your needs.  

Save Money by Buying in Bulk 

Many clients purchase StickyBack mats in bulk because they have so many uses and they want to take advantage of the price discounts we offer. You can get direct-factory-to-customer savings by cutting out the middleman. 

SupAbsorb Tech is Here to Help      

If you have questions about our company, its StickyBack mats, or their ability to make your workplace safer, call us at (732) 390-5970 or complete our online contact form today. 

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