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Our Absorbent Rag Rug Mats Will Help Keep Industrial Floors Safe

Our Absorbent Rag Rug Mats Will Help Keep Industrial Floors Safe

Workplace safety isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. Exposing workers to dangerous conditions will eventually lead to injuries, lost production, decreased morale, and workers’ compensation claims. SupAbsorb’s Rag Rugs are super-absorbent, slip-resistant mats that keep your employees upright and working, not on the floor wondering if they broke a bone. 

Why are Dry, Safe Industrial Floors Important? 

There are many reasons, including: 

  • Preventing slips and falls: Slippery, uneven, or poorly maintained floors are a significant cause of workplace accidents, especially slips and falls. They may cause a wide range of injuries from minor sprains to serious ones like fractures, head trauma, and even fatalities. Injuries might not just happen to employees. Contractors at your facility or visiting clients could also be accident victims. Having safe flooring with good traction reduces the risk of slips and falls. 
  • Promotes employee well-being: Feeling safe and secure in their work environment is essential for employee well-being and morale. A safe floor contributes to minimizing the fear of accidents and injuries, leading to improved employee productivity and overall satisfaction. Your employees will focus on working, not worrying about injuring themselves. 
  • Reduced costs: Workplace accidents can be incredibly expensive for your business. They may lead to medical bills, lost workdays, potential lawsuits, and increased insurance premiums. Investing in safe flooring can significantly reduce these costs in the long run. 
  • Regulatory compliance: You must maintain a reasonably safe workplace. That’s not the case if slippery liquids are on your floors. State and federal regulations regarding floor safety, such as slip resistance and proper maintenance practices, may apply to your company. Failing to comply may result in penalties and fines, plus the legal costs of having to deal with them. 
  • Improves overall workplace image: A clean, well-maintained, and safe floor creates a positive impression on employees and visitors. It can contribute to a more professional and inviting work environment, boosting morale and attracting new talent. If you interview someone for an open job, do you think they will ignore that chemical spill in the middle of the floor?  

Safe floors are the foundation of your workplace. What will you accomplish without them? 

SupAbsorb Rag Rugs Help Keep Industrial Floors Safe 

Super absorbent, slip-resistant Rag Rugs protect floor surfaces from water damage, chemical spills, traffic, and oil, and prevent slips and falls that can injure employees, contractors, and visitors. Areas prone to leaks and spills especially need Rag Rugs. 

SupAbsorb Tech’s Rag Rugs Help You Control Petroleum Leaks and Spills 

Family-owned SupAbsorb Tech’s team makes high-end, technical textiles in the US. We want our customers to have a safe and efficient workplace where falls and other injuries are avoided, not just discussed at safety meetings. 

Contact us today through our online contact form to learn more about our Rag Rugs, or call us at (732) 390-5970.
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