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The Right Material for Absorbent Mats

The Right Material for Absorbent Mats

An absorbent mat is only as good as the material it is made of.  You need an absorbent mat that will help you maintain a safe environment, last a long time, and come at a reasonable price. Our Rag Rug industrial mats fit the bill.  

Our SupAbsorb Tech Rag Rug matting soaks up spills in high-traffic area applications. They’re durable and provide a safe, slip-resistant surface for industrial, repair, and maintenance environments.

Why Materials Matter

A product’s material means the difference between success and failure. We’re not a design company creating things that look nice. We sell absorbent mats to keep customers’ employees, contractors, and customers safe. Materials make a difference because of:

  • Functionality: The choice of materials directly influences the functionality and performance of our products. The right materials enhance their intended purpose. Choosing the wrong ones would cause product failure or poor performance.
  • Durability and Longevity: Durable, high-quality materials extend the lifespans of our mats.
  • Safety: Materials play a critical role in ensuring the safety of our products and the people who use them.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Many industries are subject to federal and state safety regulations that require safe workplaces. A spill that’s contained and cleaned may also prevent a worker’s compensation claim due to a fall or a personal injury lawsuit by a contractor or customer.
  • Cost and Efficiency: The choice of materials significantly impacts the cost of manufacturing our products. Optimal material selection can help reduce production costs, making the product more affordable.
  • Environmental Considerations: Sustainable and eco-friendly materials can reduce a product's environmental footprint and appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

We consider several issues when deciding what materials to use. The bottom line is choosing materials to help SupAbsorb Tech create a product our customers can rely upon at a reasonable cost.

Materials Make the Difference

Rag Rug oil mats are constructed of 90% recycled materials made of 100% polypropylene reprocessed post-industrial textile waste. They’re heavy-weight and can handle continuous leaks and larger spills. The mat’s material provides solid footing, hides dirt, and, most importantly, absorbs spills at an economical cost.

Our Rag Rug mats easily and quickly absorb up to 55 gallons of liquids, including water, oil, and solvents alone or in combination. The mat’s dark surface hides fluid spills and grime from everyday use without looking dirty.

Thanks to its materials and thoughtful design, Rag Rug mats have the best features of a laminated roll. It has:

  • A top layer of polypropylene that prevents lint build-up
  • An absorbent layer of high-loft cellulose fibers
  • A low-slip base layer

These mats work indoors and out. Your floors can be safe, clean, and dry because fluids, including non-aggressive chemicals and antifreeze, won’t be a problem.

A SupAbsorb Tech Rag Rug is an affordable, effective way to help your business provide dry, clean, safe floors. The perforated design offers the best value for absorbing antifreeze, oil-, and water-based fluids, which will help you reduce workplace slips and falls as well as exposure to hazardous chemicals.

SupAbsorb Tech Can Help You Provide a Safer Workplace 

Our family-owned business makes high-end, US-made technical textiles that meet customers’ needs for a safe workplace where falls are prevented, not just discussed at meetings.  

Contact us to learn more about our affordably-priced, quality American-made mats today through our online contact form or call us at (732) 390-5970.
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