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SupAbsorb Tech Provides a Safer Work Environment, Not Just Absorbent Mats

SupAbsorb Tech Provides a Safer Work Environment, Not Just Absorbent Mats

Our mats absorb liquids that spill or leak onto them. This should end up on the mat rather than the surrounding floor, which can become slick and dangerous to stand or walk on. Our mats are a means to an end, a safer place for workers, contractors, and customers.  

What Kind of a Safety Threat is Falling? 

Many of us do not realize the dangers that falls create. Falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death, reports the National Safety Council. It’s estimated that in 2020, 42,114 people died in falls at home and work. Falls can be the leading work-related cause of death, depending on the industry

Three years ago, 805 workers died in falls, and 211,640 were injured enough to need time off. Though falls from ladders or scaffolds are a significant cause of worker injuries and deaths, 136 workers died due to falls on the same level in 2020.  

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that about 20-30% of those falling at work suffer a moderate to severe injury, such as a bone fracture, deep bruising, or a concussion. 

What Causes Someone to Slip? 

“Some of the most common causes of slips are workplace spills and wet floors,” states OSHA. 

Our center of gravity moves from side to side when we walk and transfer our weight, according to OSHA. With each step, there is a moment when we’re off-balance. If we encounter a slip hazard like a slippery floor, it can cause a sudden fall. 

A slip hazard is a spot with too little traction between what you’re walking on and the bottom of your footwear. The surface causes a loss of balance and a fall. Slips may occur on a wet or oily surface, ice, or floors covered in powder or fine dust. 

This danger is compounded if the person slips while carrying something heavy, hot, sharp, or a hazardous substance like a chemical, which can cause injuries beyond what may be caused by the fall alone. 

How Do SupAbsorb Absorbent Mats Prevent Slips? 

SupAbsorb Tech’s Barrier Spill Absorbent Mats absorb multiple types of fluids simultaneously, preventing them from going onto floors thanks to their impermeable, three-millimeter barrier backing which eliminates leaks on smooth surfaces, preventing slip hazards. These mats can handle water and petroleum-based fluids as well as non-aggressive chemicals. 

What Other Dangers Might Someone Falling Face? 

If the spill involves toxic chemicals, in addition to injuries caused by gravity pulling the person onto the floor, they’ll be directly exposed to these substances. They may contact it with their skin, inhale it, or it may get in their mouth or eyes. Depending on the chemical involved, this may result in chemical burns, eye injuries, and lung injuries. 

SupAbsorb Tech Can Help You Provide a Safer Workplace 

We are a family-owned business that has made high-end, US-made technical textiles for decades that meet diverse customer needs for various industries. One of their most essential needs is a safe workplace where falls are prevented, not just the topic of safety meetings.  

Contact us to learn more about our affordably-priced, quality American-made mats today through our online contact form or call us at (732) 390-5970. 

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