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Why Wholesalers Should Sell StickyBack Anti-Slip Absorbent Mats

Why Wholesalers Should Sell StickyBack Anti-Slip Absorbent Mats

Wholesalers must meet their customers’ needs and turn a profit. Our StickyBack Anti-Slip Absorbent Mats are in demand because they effectively keep areas safe at a great price. They can be used in any commercial or industrial setting where liquids might pose a safety threat to employees and customers. SupAbsorb Tech works with wholesalers to ensure they get what they want when they want it.

What is a StickyBack Anti-Slip Absorbent Mat?

These adhesive mats stick to many floor surfaces, but not so much that they can’t be repositioned. They can be easily removed, are long-lasting, and tolerate the harshest conditions. These mats absorb more liquids than our competition, preventing liquids from seeping through to the floor. Our mats:

  • Stay in place during foot and forklift traffic
  • Can be cut to fit any particular use and space
  • Would be ideal for ramps, transition of floor surfaces, in bathrooms, and in areas where forklifts are used while being the thinnest commercial floor mat available
  • They won’t bunch up or slide, and they prevent trips, slips, and falls.
  • StickyBack mats can absorb solvents, oils, water, and coolants to keep your floor dry and safe
  • They dry quickly and are easy to clean
  • These affordable mats replace expensive rental mats

StickyBack Anti-Slip Absorbent Mats’ combination of high performance and low costs will drive sales for your business.

Why Should We Stock StickyBack Anti-Slip Absorbent Mats?

There are many good reasons why wholesalers should purchase our mats, including:

  • You’ll work with a reliable, responsive, family-owned and operated business that ships products from our US locations. SupAbsorb Tech has met customers’ and wholesalers’ needs for decades.
  • There’s a significant demand for anti-slip mats driven by safety policies and state and federal safety regulations. Users also want a safe environment to prevent workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. Seasonal weather may bring more snow, ice, or rain, increasing the need for our mats.
  • Adding our anti-slip mats to your product portfolio will broaden or diversify your offerings. They will attract a broader range of customers and reduce the risks of depending on a limited product category.
  • Your customers sell to our target market. Our mats help organizations and companies cope with various liquids that may leak, spill, and spread on floors. Do your customers meet their needs?

Given the performance and price advantages of SupAbsorb Tech’s StickyBack Anti-Slip Absorbent Mats, adding them to your product line is a low-risk investment.

SupAbsorb Tech Helps Our Wholesalers Reach Their Goals  

You want to be a successful, profitable business. You do that by providing quality products to your customers while earning a respectable margin. SupAbsorb Tech will work with you to make that happen.

If you have any questions about our company or products or want to learn more about how our absorbent mats can help you meet your customers’ demands, call us at (732) 390-5970 or complete our online contact form today. 
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