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Dangers of Mats in the Workplace: Picking the Right Material

Dangers of Mats in the Workplace: Picking the Right Material

Simply placing any material on your industrial facility’s floor is not enough to ensure worker and visitor safety. One way to avoid the dangers of mats in the workplace is to pick a material that delivers quality and safety while being appropriate to the environment in which you’re using it.

Finding the right floormat material is important when you need help preventing workplace slips and falls. Below, our industry experts provide some helpful advice to point you in the right direction.

Only Use High-Quality Materials

Sticking with the best mat materials can help with slip prevention. Quality makes a significant difference, whether you need to protect wet or dry areas. 

Some materials are better than others at soaking up liquids. Knowing the difference allows you to maintain drier areas so that employees can meet the latest Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.

Some of the best anti-slip workplace floormats have perforations to allow standing liquid to reach the floor drain. These robust options won’t deteriorate under constant exposure and foot traffic.

Handling Common Spills

To avoid the dangers of poor-quality mats in the workplace, look for designs suitable for the most common spills you experience at your company. 

If you need mats that will control large petroleum spills, durable and absorbent mats for industrial use are helpful. Certain materials may work better with chemical spills, so do your research to avoid a costly error. 

Some mat materials offer the versatility required for common spills involving water, debris, oil, and chemicals. Others offer better results with a specific kind of spill. You may need mats featuring different materials in different areas of your commercial building, depending on the types of spills each sees most commonly.

The Wrong Materials Do More Harm Than Good

If you use a mat that doesn’t have the right materials to handle your common spills, you aren’t providing the level of protection for employees and visitors that they expect. If anything, you might be adding to the danger.

Your employees may believe they are safe simply because the company spent money on mats. However, you are providing a false sense of security if you don’t supply mats made with the right materials, leading to possible liability.

Poor-Quality Mats Damage Your Reputation

Some companies may select generic, cheap mats to place inside their operations for the sake of keeping up appearances. However, visitors and employees may notice you are using the incorrect materials. They may then wonder whether you sacrifice quality and safety in other areas.

Such concerns can damage your company’s reputation and your employees may not trust the other safety measures you have in place.

SupAbsorb Tech Helps You Understand the Dangers of Using Incorrect Mats in the Workplace

SupAbsorb Tech can help you choose the most suitable material for the safest industrial mats. To learn more about our products and how they can improve the safety and reputation of your workplace, call us today at (732) 390-5970.

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