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Prevent Slips in a Restaurant With Absorbent Mats

Prevent Slips in a Restaurant With Absorbent Mats

How do you prevent slips and falls in a restaurant? Kitchens are dangerous places with grease, oil, and water constantly spilling. A safety plan that includes absorbent mats is key!

Because employees in a restaurant must work at a frantic pace while handling many different liquids in food preparation, spills are a common occurrence. Liquid spills in a restaurant kitchen represent significant slip hazards for employees. Therefore, employers and employees alike must be extra vigilant about ensuring areas that see a lot of activity are dry and provide the appropriate traction a busy kitchen requires.

Restaurant slip-and-fall accidents force your employees to file workers’ compensation claims. Your insurance premiums may increase after this type of accident, and your employees could suffer pain and hardships while missing work, potentially hurting your productivity. Preventing restaurant slip-and-fall injuries may be as easy as using high-quality absorbent mats.

Busy Working Environments Are More Susceptible to Spills

To determine the best place for installing mats, study the foot traffic in your restaurant and kitchen. Pay attention to where spills most frequently occur, especially those involving slippery liquids. You can then place absorbent mats in these areas, giving you the highest level of protection for employees, managers, visitors, and patrons.

Cooking Oil Slips Can Result in Injury

According to a study of slip-and-fall accidents in the restaurant industry, 30% relate to cooking oil spills. Installing absorbent mats that prevent slips in restaurants near areas where cooking oil is used can help prevent such incidents.

Common injuries related to cooking oil slips include back strains, spinal damage, broken bones, concussions, cuts, and soft tissue tears. These can range from minor to life-threatening.

What should you do after a slip and fall in a restaurant? Ensure your employee visits a doctor and files for workers’ comp immediately. Your employee should be covered as long as you have workers’ compensation insurance. 

Working to Prevent Slips in a Restaurant

You cannot just put these mats in place and ignore them. Check them regularly to ensure they remain in good working condition.

If the manufacturer has recommendations for how often you should clean your mats, follow them to keep the materials working as intended. If any food prep areas move to a new location, transfer the mats to accommodate the new layout. 

Finally, you can provide regular training for all employees working in the kitchen about how to prevent slips.

Keep Enough Slip-Resistant Mats on Hand

You should always have extra slip-resistant mats at your restaurant so you can rotate them as needed. 

If you need to remove a mat to clean it, you should have another on hand to put in its place. If any mats show wear and need replacing, extra mats will tide you over until the new ones arrive.

SupAbsorb Tech Gives Restaurants the Slip Protection They Need

At SupAbsorb Tech, we have multiple products to prevent slips from spills at work in a restaurant. Protect your employees and visitors from restaurant floor safety hazards with our high-quality restaurant kitchen mats.

To learn more about the products we have to prevent slips in a restaurant, call us today at (732) 390-5970.

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