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Safety in the Workplace - Cleaning Heavy Messes

Safety in the Workplace - Cleaning Heavy Messes

When you purchase absorbent mats from SupAbsorbTech, you partner with an industry leader.  Our rag rugs, sticky mats and repositionable mats absorb water, oil, and chemicals to keep your employees, equipment, and locations safe and clean.  

Big messes are a given in certain industries and can spell trouble for employees and customers alike. In 2020, 18% of all nonfatal workplace injuries were related to slips, trips, and falls. And in 2021, nearly 44,700 people died in falls at home and work.

When spills happen, don’t let them linger. Here’s how to manage messes and ensure safety in the workplace.

Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning up heavy messes without the right supplies and equipment is tough. Soap, water, and a mop may suffice for small spills, but you’ll need to break out the big guns for tougher messes.

Supplies to buy include:

  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Abrasive scrubbers
  • Pumice stones
  • Stiff-bristle brushes
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Commercial vacuum cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Descaling agent
  • Degreasing solution
  • Paper towels
  • Trash bags

Block Off the Area To Prevent Slips and Falls

Before cleaning, place warning signs around the area to keep employees and customers away from the mess. The last thing you want is for someone to fall in the spill before you’ve had a chance to clean it up.

If you don’t have warning signs, and use chairs, boxes, or any other large, easily noticeable objects to block off the area, that can be concerning

Train Employees on Containment, Absorption, and Disposal

It’s best to train employees to handle messes before they happen. Your cleaning policy will depend on your workplace. For example, if you work with hazardous chemicals, you can’t allow just anyone to clean them up. Employees must have training in the disposal of dangerous waste.

Purchase Absorbent Mats and Rag Rugs

Absorbent mats, StickyBack mats, and SupAbsorb Tech Rag Rugs are a wise investment if you care about safety in the workplace. These products absorb and contain spills to keep them from spreading. They’re great for water, oil, and chemical spills.

Additionally, our mats do a fantastic job of protecting your floors and sensitive equipment. Compare our mats to the expense of fixing your floors, which can cost you thousands in repair bills.

Before buying an absorbent mat, consider your workplace needs. Do you regularly work with oil? Then you’ll want a Rag Rug. If you run a surgical center or veterinary office, opt for our StickyBack Surgical Mats, which are absorbent and 100% leakproof.

Prevent Spills in the Workplace

It’s much easier to prevent spills than to clean them up. To do so:

  • Set up a regular cleaning schedule to keep filth from getting out of hand. Clean small messes daily, and do a deep cleaning at least once a month.
  • Designate specific areas where employees are allowed to eat and drink.
  • Talk to employees about the importance of keeping their work spaces clean.
  • Offer incentives for preventing workplace accidents. For example, you might offer a small gift card if your workplace goes 30 days without an accident.

Ensure Safety in the Workplace With Our Absorbent Mats

Slips and falls are 100% preventable thanks to SupAbsorb Tech absorbent mats. Need help choosing the right mat? Call us at (732) 390-5970.

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