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Preventing Spills and Slips at Work

Preventing Spills and Slips at Work

Employee accidents are bad news for your business. With just one misstep, an employee could become seriously injured and need weeks or longer to recover. It’s tough to run your business efficiently without all hands on deck.

Preventing spills and slips at work isn’t difficult, and your employees will thank you for your diligence. Below, find tips on how to keep employees and customers safe.

Purchase Absorbent Mats

Buying absorbent mats is one of the smartest ways to prevent workplace accidents. SupAbsorb Tech mats absorb water, chemicals, and oil, allowing employees to walk without fear of falling. These mats also contain spills and keep messes from spreading throughout the room.

Absorbent mats help your business comply with safety and environmental regulations. These mats are an absolute must if you own a restaurant, bar, or grocery store.

Mark Potentially Dangerous Areas

Post clear signage in areas that might be dangerous for employees. Areas to mark may include:

  • Bars
  • Dishwashing stations
  • Food preparation areas
  • Butcher counters
  • Produce departments

You should also post signs in front of employee-only areas to keep customers from wandering inside.

Promptly Clean Up Spills

Preventing spills and slips at work requires you to clean up messes promptly. Don’t let spills linger. Clean them up immediately and place “wet floor” signs around the area. This is especially important in spaces accessible to customers. If you don’t promptly clean up spills and a customer falls due to the mess, they can sue your business for negligence.

Inspect Flooring for Damage

Flooring takes a beating from foot traffic and spills. Carpets can loosen and bunch up, and linoleum tiles can peel off and create a tripping hazard. Replace damaged flooring immediately or block off the area to prevent falls.

Require Non-Slip Shoes

Non-slip shoes are a must for employees who work in perpetually wet areas. Provide non-slip shoes for employees or direct them to a store that sells compliant footwear.

Install Bright Lighting

Poorly lit hallways and stairwells are hazardous for employees and customers alike. If you spot burned-out, dim, or broken light bulbs, replace them with fresh ones. If you replace the bulb and it remains dim or non-working, your building may have faulty wiring, requiring repairs from an electrician.

Create Policies To Protect Employees

Policies, rules, and training can go a long way when it comes to preventing spills and slips at work. Create policies on:

  • What employees should do if they encounter a spill
  • How to spot potential dangers, such as damaged flooring
  • Behaviors to avoid while working, such as drinking on the job, running, and roughhousing

Safeguard Your Workforce With SupAbsorb Tech Mats

If you’re serious about preventing spills and slips at work, it pays to invest in absorbent mats. Our mats are perfect for any workplace, including restaurants, bars, factory floors, delis, and food prep stations. They’re rugged, non-slip, and made in the USA.

Contact SupAbsorb Tech at (732) 390-5970 to learn more about our absorbent mats.

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